User licence

The author of La Fresque du Climat is Cédric Ringenbach. The rights of use belong to Carbone B.I.

The content of the « The Climate Collage » game and workshop is subject to copyright.

Non-commercial use

The principle and content of this workshop are protected with creative commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

It is therefore possible to use the materials free of charge within the framework of public education and for any free of charge and open to the interested public event in which facilitators are volunteers.

An internal use in a company is not considered as non-commercial use (see below).

Commercial use

In the case of commercial use, the rights of use are set at 10% of the amount of the service. This remuneration is meant to finance the game dissemination via associative networks and non-commercial use.

In the case of an internal use in a company, the rights of use are set at 20 € (pre-tax price) or 24 € (with taxes) per table (thus per card set) in addition to the price of the deck of cards set itself.

It is expressly forbidden to reproduce The Climate Collage supports without references to the website or the author, to add a logo or to identify an other association or company.

A pact of trust

We will not be able to monitor the use of the tool anytime, anywhere. We therefore trust the users to behave responsibly in order to contribute to the widest possible dissemination of the tool, and to comply with the rights of use to finance the company carrying the project.

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