How does the game work?

The Climate Collage is a fun, collaborative and creative workshop about climate change.

It gives the opportunity to a 10 to 50 people group to attend a 3 hours initiation about the scientific findings and the impact of climate change, as described in the last IPCC report.

The game rules are very easy to understand: the purpose is to find the causal links between the different components of climate change. The deck of cards therefore includes various themes from human activities to climate refugees, including rising temperatures and rising waters.

Playing this game is an excellent way to practice as it is intended to both novices and experts. Everyone has something to learn or at least, everyone has a new point of view to embrace on already existing knowledge. The workshop is based on team cooperation. Everybody knows part of the subject and the players share knowledge in order to reassemble this collage all together.

The Climate Collage game is both very educational as the players learn a lot in a very short time and very recreational: the players are soon caught up in the game. This game is also using creative abilities as teams must stand out thanks to the artistic touch they add to their collage.

This practice is perfectly adapted to team building sessions or business seminars.

My objective through this game is to increase awareness to climate change stakes among as many people as possible. I would like this game to be used by many other facilitators to widely spread the word.