At what age can children play?

We tested this pedagogical tool with children from 8 to 13 years old and it proved to be completely adapted. There is a version of the card game especially designed for children, which contains fewer cards and adapted messages.

What is non-commercial use?

Non-commercial use means that facilitators are volunteers and the attendees did not pay for their participation.

Non-commercial use does not only mean there is no invoice. Internal use in a corporate seminar, for example, does not necessitate a bill, but is considered as a commercial use. The use of The Climate Collage by an association is not always considered as non-commercial: an association can run commercial activities as the animators can be paid and the workshop attendees can pay for their training.

In these cases, please contact us to evaluate the rights of use. The grid applicable in this context can be 20€ HT per animator or 5€ per table.

I am a teacher and I want to use the Fresco with my students. What are the conditions of use?

The rights of use in primary and secondary education are the same as for associations and non-commercial use (even though the teacher organizes the animation during paid working hours).

For higher education, the user licence is the same as for local authorities.

How to organize a workshop?

Option 1: Potential facilitators come for a training (3 hours-free training):

They either come to a course already organised (see the list of training in the tab ‘Become a facilitator’), or we can organise a training where they want us to do so (open to the public). We therefore travel to join you, as soon as there are a minimum of 20 people who are interesting in following a training.

Option 2: We facilitate the workshop. In this case, we will have to determine the estimated total eligible costs based on the number of attendees. There is no obligation to go for this option. We would be delighted to have a few more facilitators trained among your team.

Can I arrange facilitator training?

The training of animators must be run by Carbone BI. Facilitators are not authorised to organise facilitator training, even in their own company.

For any large-scale event, where there is a need of a large number of animators, we are at your disposal to intervene at your side or to propose the participation of certified animators.