Raise awareness about climate change among one million people through a game

Convincing a million people that we must fight climate change is the challenge of Cédric Ringenbach, an engineer and climate change specialist. To do so, he invented a game that explains how the climate works and how we, humanity, are upsetting it. He has already reached and rose awareness among over 2000 people, including 900 students trained all in once lately.

His game, « The Climate Collage » is a fun, participatory and creative workshop based on collective intelligence. The principle is very simple: the aim is to sort forty cards in order of causal links. Each card corresponds to a component of climate change. The workshop lasts for 3 hours and is intended to both novices and knowledgeable.

The game is meant to help building the team as it is necessary to find the solution in a collaborative way: the players share information while setting up the collage with all the cards fitting in the 2m² of paper.

There is also an artistic part as the teams are invited to decorate their collage, draw on it and provide a title. « This side of the workshop is important it helps bringing out negative emotions that may arise. For the same reason, at the end of the session all participants are invited to share what they have learned and the solutions they envision.

The game already exists in English and Chinese (to target the two biggest polluters in the world) and versions in German, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Arabic are being translated.

A « Junior » version is also available for primary and secondary school teachers.

To achieve its goal and raise awareness on a large-scale, the author of the game plans to train first hundreds of trainer-animators, then trainers of trainers and so on. Educational tools are already available for those who wish to start with us: a correction of the collage on your smartphone, classes and trainings, QCMs, a forum, etc.

Cédric Ringenbach thinks the objective of one million people trained will be reached at the latest in about ten years (doubling every year), and why not in three years (multiplying by 10 each year). He explains that things can move quickly: “when we had to train 900 students at once, we had to recruit and train 30 facilitators in only two weeks and we did it. Building on existing networks has an impressive multiplier effect. ». The magic of exponentials…

The key is that the tool is self-supporting. The information needed to solve this giant puzzle is on the back of the cards and the facilitator does not need to be a top expert. The facilitators who have had the opportunity to use it are unanimous: « it works on its own! ».

Moreover, the game can be used both in a non-commercial context (and in this case, the use is free) and by providers who are paid (and in this case, a right of use is returned).

Today, the Climate Collage team seeks to attract all those who wish to participate in this great project. Facilitation trainings are currently free. Paid trainings on climate change complement the initial training of facilitators.

Contact details:

Cédric Ringenbach / +33 (0)6 07 13 52 96 / cedric@ringenbach.com

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